Tnpsc Group 4 Geography Notes for all Competitive exams ( Communication ) ( 10th SSG )

  • 'Communication' derive from Latin Communicare, meaning to Share
  • Communication are Two Type namely 1. Personel Communication 2. Mass Communication
  • Personel Communication are 1. Letters 2. Telephone, 3. Telegram 4. Fax 5. Email 6.Internet
    7. Postel Services 8. Mobile Phone
  • Mass Communication are 1. Radio 2. Television 3. Cinema 4. Satellite 5. News Paper 6.Books 7. Magazine 8.Public Meeting 9.Seminar 10. Conference
  • Telephone is a form of Oral Communication
  • Telephone Was Invented Alexander Graham Bell (10tht March 1876 )
  • STDSubscriber Trunk Dialing
  • ISD - International Subscriber Dialing
  • SMS Short Message Service

  • Telegram is form of Written Communication, message send quickly to distance place
  • Telegram was Invented Samuel Finley Breeaw Morse (1837)

FAX :-
  • Fax was Invented Alexander Bain (1843)
  • Fax Means Facsimile

  • E- Mail was invented Shiva Ayyadurai ( 1979 )
  • E-Mail Copyrighted 1982
  • E-Mail means Electronic Mail

  • Internet (WWW) was Invented by Tim Berners-Lee (T.B.Lee) (6th August 1991)
  • WWWWorld Wide Web

  • Indian Postal Service was introduced 1837
  • Indian Postal Service is the Largest Postal Service in the World (1,55,618 Post Offices)
  • People send Parcel and Mail
  • Mail has Classified 1.First Class Mail 2. Second Class Mail
  • First Class Mail are 1. Post Cards 2. Inland Letters 3.Envelopes
  • Second Class Mail are 1. Book packets 2. Registered News Paper 3. Periodicals
  • V.P.P means Value Payable by Post

  • Radio Was Invented by Guglielmo Marconi ( 1895)
  • 1909 Noble Prize for Physics (Radio Work)
  • Radio works ( Radio Waves ie Electromagnetic Waves (unit Hertz Hz)
  • In British India 1923, broadcasting Started by Radio Club of Bombay
  • 1927 Private Indian Broadcasting Company Limted was Operate two Radio Stations
    1. Mumbai Station 2. Calcutta Station
  • Government took over Broadcasting Service, Indian State Broadcasting Service (ISBS) in 1930
  • Name Change in 1936 All India Radio (AIR) (Headquarter Delhi)
  • Name Change in 1957 Akashvani

  • John Logie Baird was Invented Television
  • Television Broadcasting started in India 1959 in Delhi
  • 1972 Television Broadcast extented in Bombay and Amritsar
  • 1976 Television Broadcast separted from Radio Broadcast (Doordarshan (DD)

  • INSAT Indian National Satellite System
  • IRSIndian Remote Sensing Satellite System
  • INSAT – Established 1983
  • PSLVPolar Satellite Launch Vehile
  • NRSCNational Remote Sensing Centre at Hydrabad

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  2. In today's world where shortcuts and slang have become a part of language, it's important to know the full forms of the shortcut used. In the above article complete history with all the commonly used abbreviation is given in simple points, easy to read, and importantly the use in today's life is explained in a very efficient manner. This will not only help in improving our knowledge but such abbreviations are also asked in competitive and Geography exams. Thanks for providing such a helpful post for general and Geography knowledge. Keep sharing!


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