TNPSC Group 4 Geography Notes 6

  • Pipelines were transport Water,Crudeoil, Natural Gas, Solids in Long Distance.
  • Assam Oil Company was producing Oil at Digboi, Assam
  • Digboi Discover in 1889.
  • ONGC – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Founded : 14th August 1956
    Head Quarter : Dehradun, Uttrakand
  • ONGC is Top Energy Company in India; Asia -5th : Global-21st by Platts Survey in 2014.
  • OIL – Oils India Limited. Founded : 18th February 1959 Head Quarter: Duliajan, Assam

Naharkatia-Nunmati-Barauni Pipeline (1157KM)

  • First Pipeline Construct in India by OIL transport Crudeoil
  • First Phase 1962 Naharkatiya(Assam) to Nunmathi
  • Second Phase 1964 Nunmathi to Barauni refinery in Bihar
  • Third Phase 1966 Barauni to Kanpur
Mumbai High-Mumbai-Ankleshwar-Kayoli Pipeline
  • Mumbai High Mumbai -210 Kilometre Double Pipeline transport Crudeoil and Natural Gas
  • Ankleshwar- Kayoli (Gujarat) 1965 transport Crudeoil

Salaya-Koyali-Mathura Pipeline (1256KM)

  • Salaya (Gulf of Kachchh – Gujarat) with Mathura (Uttrapradesh via Viramgram ) transport
  • Crude oil from Gujarat to Punjab (Jalandhar) via Mathura.

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