Tnpsc Group 4 Geography Notes 11

  • Water Ways divided in 1. Inland Water ways 2. Over Seas
  • In India Inland waterway length is 14,500KM (5685 KM Rivers, 400 KM Canels)
  • IWAI - Inland Waterways Authority of India
  • IWAI - Established 27th October 1986, Headquarter Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • In India there are 5 National Waterways they are:-

N W1 Allahabad-Haldia Stretch of Ganga
October 1986
NW 2 Saidiya-Dhubri Stretch of Bramaputhra
1st September 1988
NW 3 Kollam-Kottapuram Stretch of West Coast Canel, Champakara Canal and Udyogmandal Canel
February 1993
NW 4 Bradrachalam-Rajamundry and Wazirabad Vijayawada Stretch of Krishna
Godavari river system along with Kakinad Puducherry Canel Network
25th November 2008
NW 5 Mangalgadi-Paradeep and
Talcher – Dhamara

Stretch of the Mahanati, Brahmani river along with the East Coast Canel
November 2008

  • Some other Inland Waterways are 1. Mandavi 2.Zuari 3.Cumberjua 4. Sunderbans 5.Barak 6.Backwaters of Kerela
  • Nehru Trophy Boat Race held Backwaters in Kerala (VALLAMKALI)
Ocen Routes :-

  • India has 7516 KM of Long Coast with 13 Major Ports and 200 Minor and Intermediate ports in India.
  • Medium and Intermediate Ports Controlled by State Government
  • West Coast Major Ports are 1. Jawaharlal Nehru 2. Kandla 3. Kochin 4. Marmagoa
    5. Mumbai 6.New Mangalore
  • East Coast Major Ports are 1. Chennai 2. Ennore 3.Haldia 4. Kolkatta 5. Paradip 6. Tuticorin 7.Visagapattinam
  • India is Sixteenth Largest Ship Owning Country in the World
  • India is Second Largest Ship Owning Country in Asia
  • India has 4 Major Ship Building Yards are
    1. Hindustan Shipyard at Visakapattinam
    2. Garden Reach Workshop at Kolkata
    3. Mazagaon Dock Mumbai
    4. Kochi Shipyard Kochi
  • India Portr Acts 1908 and Major Port Trust Act 1963 allow private investment in Ports.

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